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Stitch by Stitch was founded by designer Graham Hollick after several life-changing trips to India.  Graham admits to feeling as though he must have lived in India in a past life, such is his feeling of affinity with the country.

"One of the things that really excites me about India, is the visibility of craftsmanship everywhere you go: statue makers, weavers, kite makers...people who paint rickshaws!  This is lost in our culture - it's just not an everyday thing." says Graham.



On one of his first trips to India, Graham had the opportunity to work with embroiderers from the remote Kutch region of Gujarat, an area famed for its textile crafts.  Their skill and knowledge of complicated embroidery stitches, passed by women to their daughters over the generations, inspired Stitch by Stitch's first collection of home textiles. 

The brand has evolved over the years to work with groups of hand weavers and a master quilt-maker, as well as with embroiderers, all based in Gujarat and Kutch. 

Graham's travels have also taken him into the Himalayas of Nepal where he developed a relationship with weavers of traditional Radhi. 


Graham Hollick and Karen Sear Shimali are old friends who met whilst studying for their textile design degrees at Winchester School of Art (now Southampton University).  Between them, they have over 25 years of professional experience working in textile design, trend consulting, interior design, marketing and sales.

As well as developing its own collections, Stitch by Stitch is always interested in collaborations with interior designers and retailers.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss an idea!

For wholesale enquiries, please contact us for our price list:

For press enquiries, images and press loans, please contact Karen,, or on 07715 169194.  We are always happy to lend items for photo shoots.

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Registered address: 70 Farleigh Rd, London N16 7TQ