Vodu Nuvo, beauty from scraps


Tobacco vases

Voodoo, or Vodu, is an ancient and sacred tradition observed in Haiti, but its profound teachings so threatened the slave trade, it was declared devil worship. Over two hundred years later, the Haitian people still suffer from this stigma.

Vodu Nuvo is a unique collection of handmade objects for the home, inspired by the true Vodu way of life. Crafted by Haitian artisans, each design is made from found materials such as tobacco leaves, cement bags, used clothing and discarded oil drums, creating beauty from scraps. The collection was developed with BRANDAID Project, an organisation that works with artisan communities in the developing world. BRANDAID Project works to develop, market and launch new artisan brands and newly designed product collections into the global market.


Shirting Quilt

The collection, launched at the end of September, is exclusive to Selfridges, London.

Karen Sear ShimaliComment