Introducing our new cushions and throws from Nepal

We're thrilled to unveil our new collection of woven interior textiles, developed with the expertise of a group of talented artisans in Nepal.  We worked with SABAH, a non-profit organisation that promotes the wealth of local talent in the region to international designers.


Bakra, Sinja and Thuli cushions

Our new cushions and throws incorporate a sustainable yarn called "Aloo" produced from the giant Himalayan stinging nettle, which grows in abundance in the mountains of Nepal.  Local villagers harvest the plant, soak it, and spin the fibres by hand into a gorgeous linen-like yarn.  Experimenting with this yarn, natural dyes and a traditional weaving technique called "Dhaka", we designed this latest collection.


Bhaktapur cushion and throw

In the Dhaka weaving technique, yarn is inlaid by hand to create pattern in a plain warp.  We inlaid the Aloo yarn, coloured with natural dyes, into a black cotton warp to create the jewel-like patterns in the Bhaktapur and Patan cushions and throws.  The designs are based on traditional Nepalese patterns, passed down though generations of craftswomen.


Patan throw

These new products and our Rhadi rugs will soon be available to purchase from our online shop.  Keep checking the website!  Thank you to Livingstone Studio for allowing us to photograph in their lovely gallery.

Karen Sear ShimaliComment