Sneak Preview: New Wool Blankets

We're currently working on a new collection of wool blankets which will be woven in Gujarat, and embroidered by our friends at SEWA (the amazing embroiderers behind our (Peacock Sportif collection).

Our starting point is some beautiful wool fabric woven by a master weaver in Gujarat whom Graham discovered on one of his earlier trips to the region.  The wool is dyed with natural plant dyes, such as the exotically named Madder, which gives the deep red colour in the photograph.


The fabric is woven in strips, and then several strips are sewn together to create blankets and throws large enough to cover a bed, or wrap around yourself in front of the telly.


We wanted to continue the natural colours into the embroidered embellishment.  A traditional stitch, passed down through generations of women in the Kutch region, is used to add a lively touch to the gorgeous fabric.  

The blankets are still a work in progress, but we hope to have them ready later this year to coincide with the colder months.  

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