Just Arrived! Hand Woven Wool Cushions


These fabulous chocolate wool cushions have just arrived at our studio in London!

Made from the same local wool (known as "desi" wool) from Kutch, India, as our Desi Blankets, the chocolate colour is undyed, being the natural colour of the local sheep.  Our talented embroiderers in Kutch have embellished the wool with lines of traditional stitches.

Our plan is to make them also in other colours, using natural dyes such as indigo and lac red - a speciality of our weavers.


We also made some samples in plain cream, grey and checked wool.  These were snapped up immediately by a customer who saw the first images, but we thought we'd make some more.


Sizes are 45 x 45cm, and 40 x 60cm.  For prices and availability, please contact us info@stitchbystitch.eu

We'd love your comments on this range.  Which colours are your favourites?  Do you prefer the embroidered wool, plain wool or checked?

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