Nepal Earthquake Disaster - DEC Appeal

Here at Stitch by Stitch we were so shocked to hear the terrible news of the earthquake that hit Nepal at the end of April, the worst in 80 years.

Our radhi rugs are produced by a small community of weavers in Kathmandu working with the NGO SABAH Nepal.  Information is sketchy, but we believe the weavers are safe and are working to finish our latest order of rugs!  We are relieved to hear that there are no human casualties among the staff at SABAH Nepal but the extent of casualties and infrastructural damage among the artisan communities in the outlying villages is still unclear.  The enormity of the crisis affecting everyone in the area is beyond our imagination.

So we wanted to share with you a video appeal from respected english journalist (and one of our favourite news presenters in the UK), Jon Snow, on how you can help the people of Nepal by donating to the Disasters Emergency Committee.  The DEC is pulling together aid from 13 of the main agencies working on the ground to provide help and relief.

"It's the best way of getting money directly to the people and the communities who need it"