New Desi Naturals Hand Woven Wool Cushions


We are delighted to present our new collection of hand spun, hand woven wool cushions!

These wool cushion covers are hand woven from local "desi" wool on traditional pit looms in Kutch, Gujarat, an area famed for its weaving.  

The weavers who create this wool cloth are part of a group of highly skilled artisans in Kutch, who have been encouraged by a local master weaver to stay in their village and pursue their traditional craft.   By being paid a fair price for their work, many have chosen to stay and weave, rather than leave the area and their families for work in the cities.

Desi wool has a distinctive "dry" texture, a little like linen, typical of wool from this area.  The wool yarn is left in its natural state, un-dyed, and because it is hand spun, the cloth has a wonderfully irregular texture, full of movement.

Available in three sizes: 40 x 40cm, 60 x 40cm and 60 x 60cm.

Complementary bed throws are also available, and we will soon be offering the wool cloth for sale by the metre - please email for further info.

See the full collection here.