Carl Goes London City Guide: Visitor Tips from Graham Hollick

Have you seen these cool new city guides with a difference, from independent publisher Carl Goes?  There's one for Berlin and Amsterdam, and most recently our home town, London.  

Which is where we come in!  

Carl Goes "wants you to become a citizen of the cities you visit" and to this end they've enlisted the advice of a number of creative locals, including our very own director, Graham, for the usual tips on where to eat and drink, and which museums to visit.  

But the guides also probe a bit deeper by asking interviewees "How can visitors blend in and 'get lost' in the city", and "is there a particular smell you associate with the city?"  (For the record, Graham cites a good full-English breakfast fry-up of eggs and bacon, and Tom Dixon's Scent of London candle!).

Whether you're visiting London for 3 days or 3 months, or even considering moving here to live, you could do worse than start with this guide for "Urban Nomads".  

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