A Day to Remember ~ Bespoke Fabric for Robin Day's 675 Chair


'A Day to Remember': Fifteen unique interpretations of Robin Day's iconic 675 chair to be auctioned in aid of the Robin and Lucienne Day Foundation

Fifteen leading textile designers, including Stitch by Stitch, have been invited to pay tribute to one of Britain's greatest designers by creating a unique fabric for Robin Day's 675 chair.

Invited by Case Furniture in partnership with UK furniture retailer Heal's and the Robin and Lucienne Day Foundation, the project entitled 'A Day to Remember', will help improve the future of young British designers by supporting the educational work of the Foundation through an exhibition display and live online auction.

The starting point for Stitch by Stitch's cloth was our Barley wool and alpaca throw. The original weave pattern is based on the design of one of our Radhi Rugs, which are hand woven in Nepal, reinterpreting traditional motifs used by Himalayan weavers.  The Robin Day project gave us the opportunity to embellish the cloth with lines of traditional hand embroidered open chain stitch, used by the Rabari tribe in Gujarat, India.  This created a textile which blends British, Indian and Nepali textile traditions, combining handcraft with industrial production processes.


The bespoke designs, alongside the launch of two new fabric ranges by Case, will form part of a three-week window display and in-store presentation at Heal’s flagship store on Tottenham Court Road, London, from 1st to 21st August 2019. The online auction goes live on Jumblebee.co.uk on 1st August. All proceeds will be donated to the charity.

The fifteen participating textile designers are: Eleanor Pritchard, Donna Wilson, Charlene Mullen, Cristian Zuzunaga, Wallace & Sewell, Eley Kishimoto, Hannah Waldron, Beatrice Larkin, Catherine MacGruer, Darkroom, Bill Amberg, Stitch by Stitch, Margo Selby, David Irwin and Christopher Farr.