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Special Edition Z1 lamp for Ay Illuminate

We recently tried out a little idea with our wonderful friends at Ay Illuminate in the Netherlands.

The Z1 pendant lamp, designed by Nelson Sepulveda, has become an iconic product for super-stylish lighting company Ay Illuminate.  I'm sure you will be familiar with it since it is regularly featured in interiors magazines and is stocked by many of the world's most stylish homewares stores

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The Fabric of India at the Victoria & Albert Museum

This comprehensive exhibition pulls together a vast number of exhibits, many collected in the 19th century for what was once the India Museum in London (1801-1879).  It explores the wide variety of materials and techniques used to create textiles both for everyday use, and for the wealthy.  It also documents the history of India's export of textiles all over the world.

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Threads of Memory - Kutch Revisited, at Joss Graham Gallery

London is currently celebrating all things Indian, chiefly due to the V&A’s India Festival and landmark textile exhibition The Fabric of India, which I'm visiting later this week - can't wait!  (I'll be writing a post about it next week).  But recently Graham and I paid a visit to a small exhibition at Joss Graham’s gallery, focussed on textiles and costume from Kutch, the area of western Gujarat where our artisan weavers and embroiderers are based, or originate from.

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