Chequered Mashru Quilt

Chequered Mashru Quilt



A unique, one of a kind quilt made with vintage mashru silk fabrics.

Patchwork and kantha stitching by our master quilt maker in Gujarat.

On a recent trip to India, we sourced some wonderful vintage, silk and cotton, mashru fabrics, or "permitted cloth".  Mashru cloth is so called since in some areas, Muslim men were not allowed to wear silk next to the skin.  Since the back of the fabric is faced with cotton fibres, and the silk is on the surface, it was permitted to be worn.  We worked closely with our master quilt maker in Gujarat to create this unique piece.  The delicate hand-sewn kantha stitching alone took over one month to complete.

Complementary cushions also available.

220 x 160cm.

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